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Sample from 3. Carving Santa Ornaments (DVD)


Carving Santa Ornaments
(Combining full relief, and pierced relief, carving styles)

Carving Santa Ornament's DVD is $30.00. This price includes the shipping & handling charges anywhere in the continental United States. International orders please email for shipping and handling charges.
Carve an Old'e World Santa ornament combining two styles of wood carving. The face is carved in traditional full relief, and the beard and areas around the hat are carved in a pierced relief fashion. This adds texture and interest, creating negative space also adds dimension and lends a nice flow to the carving. The small size of this project also cuts down on the investment of time and is a great way to build your confidence in creating realistic facial features before committing to larger carvings. In this project special attention is paid to the details of the carving process enabling the viewer to readily understand and grasp the carving techniques.
Carve along in this easy to follow, step by step procedure, which will allow you to finish your Santa ornament right along with Mark. Starting with the pre-sawen blank, to the roughing out of the ornament, then on to the intricate facial details, flowing hair, and beard. All aspects of the carving of the Santa ornament are covered.
Also coverd in full detail is finishing with a simple, but effective 4- step process, the final touches that will bring your Santa carving to life! Carving from blanks is an excellent experience in expanding your creativity levels. There are many variations that can be applied to these carvings, which are only limited by your imagination.The goal of this DVD is not only take you through a step by step carving insrtuction, but hopefully techniques learned, are further incorporated into each carvers individual styles to create pieces uniquely thier own. The techniques learned in this DVD can also be used to carve ornaments in basswood egg turnings, dowels, blocks, walking sticks, and bark.

The best to your carvings

This DVD is segmented with navvagational menu buttons for a smooth transition in the carving instruction. Come along and take your own private wood carving lessen and start creating your own unique Santa ornaments, with over 102 minutes of carving instruction and a inspirational gallery of Santa & Elf ornaments.

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