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Sample from 2. Carving Elf Ornaments (DVD)


"Carving Elf Ornaments"
(Creating facial expression in wood)

Carving Elf ornament's DVD is $30.00. This price includes the shipping & handling charges anywhere in the continental United States. International orders please email for shipping and handling charges. Remember to order your carving blanks needed for this instructional DVD,or, you can cut your own blanks. Cutting blanks are not demosrated in the DVD but the process is briefly discussed.

"Carving Elf Ornamnents",is a spinoff of,"Carving Santa Ornaments" The carving maintains its basic form by utilizing the same triangular shape blank, while still hinging on the pierced, and full relief carving styles. Carving instruction begins with roughing out and establishing proportion in the basswood blank. Then it's on to isolating the facial features, which includes the mouth, lips, chin, jaw line,eye mounds, and ears. Also emphasized and covered in full detail,is laying out the mound for the mouth, the essential basic foundation neccessary for portraying correctly detailed facial expressions in this area of the face. Applying a natural type finish is also demonstrated step by step, and a special product is discussed which will reveal how to convey more realism in the eyes of your carvings. The corner stone of this DVD is the special attention that's paid to the details of the carving process enabling the viewer to easily grasp the carving techniques to carve thier very own and unique carving. Carving from blanks is an excellent opportunity in expanding your creativity levels. You will find that after you have carved a few Elf ornaments, that by moving the measurments around some, and making some changes to the facial features, the expressions you can create are many. Though there are realistic overtones in these carvings, Carving Elf Ornaments are not realistic carvings, but if you choose, can certainty be carved that way. Carving Elf Ornaments are just my interpretation of these mythical beings and I carve them to what appeals to me. After experimenting with these carvings I am sure you'll discover your own interpretation of Carving Elf Ornaments.

The best to your carving!

This DVD contains navigational menu bottons, providing a smooth transition in the carving instruction. Over 109 minutes of carving instruction, featuring up-close, clear video,and audio with detailed carving instruction. This DVD is the next best thing to a private lessen.

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