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Sample from 1. Carving Woodspirits DVD


"Carving Woodspirit's"
(Carving in found wood)

Carving Woodspirits DVD is $30.00. This cost includes the shipping and handling charges anywhere in the continentel United States. International orders please email for shipping and handling charges.

Legend has it woodspirits live within the trees and are just waiting for thier chance to be released. The woodspirit is said to be the lord of the forest and of all natural existence. It is also said that a forest will remain standing as long as the woodspirit maintains order. Carve along in this easy to follow DVD on releasing your own woodspirit from within. All techinques of the carving process are covered. Featuring up close, clear video, and clean, crisp audio. Carving instruction begins with focusing on and roughing out the cottonwood bark and establishing facial proportion. Then its on to isolating the facial features and setting in and detailing the nose, eyes, flowing hair, and beard. Also a section on carving a cottonwood bark pipe for your woodspirit if you choose, and finishing up, section on refininning and final detailing your carving. All the information is included in this instructional DVD on how to release the woodspirit from within. Follow along, and carve along, and release your very own unique woodspirit from within. Techinques learned in this DVD can also be applied to walking sticks, canes, basswood blocks, and turnings.

A DVD navigational menu provides a smooth transition in the carving process. Over 95 minutes of carving instruction. This DVD is the next best thing to a private lesson.

Happy Carving!

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