Gargac's Originals
Rough outs are premium grade northern basswood. Each rough out comes with a colored 4-view go by sheet.Classes are offered on these rough outs see "Classes" page on site for costs. Sizes listed below are approximates. Check back often to this page for new rough outs are added periodicly.* All rough out designs pictured below protected by copyrights by website owner.

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"Pemmican tonight" -rough out
Basswood Mtn. Man Mask, measures 9"x5"x3" hollowed out in back to allow piercing through the iris for effect, feather not included but can be carved from small piece of scrap.
$ 35.00

"Broken treaty"-rough out
Native American Mask (Basswood) measures 9"x5"x3" hollowed back, allowing piercing through at the iris for effect.
$ 35.00

Indian Summer
Indian Bust bottle stopper. Basswood rough out bottle stopper kit. Preminm grade cork, 3/8-inch dowel. Measures approx: 4.5-inches by 2.75-inches and is 2-inches in depth
$ 20.00

"Spotted Eagle"-rough out
Basswood Mask, Spotted Eagle, (Sioux Warrior). Back hollowed out to allow piercing through at the iris for effect. Measures 8"x5"x3"
$ 35.00

"Glass eye" rough-out
Basswood Woodspirit rough out measures 9" x 5.5" x 3" in depth. Back is hollowed out for additinal effect. Allows the carver to pierce releif carve at the beard area and iris if they choose.
$ 35.00

"Wood Wizard"-rough out
Basswood Woodspirit rough out. Carving measures 12"x3.5"x2.5", back of rough out is hollowed out to allow the carver some pierced relief carving.
$ 35.00

"Santa Ornament"-rough out
7-inches in height by 3-inches in width by 1.5-inches in depth. Includes brass display stand (Brass display is availible for a limited time only while supplies last), 1/2-inch cup hook, and colored 4-
$ 20.00

"Woodspirit"-rough out
Basswood woodspirit. Measures 10-inches by 5.5-inches by 2.5-inches.
$ 35.00

Cilvil War Soilder Bust. Finish you apply determines a Rebel or Yank. Basswood rough out. Finished carving measures approx. 10-inches x 5-inches x 2 & 1/2-inches in depth.
$ 35.00

Elf Ornament
Rough outs measure approx. 7-inches by 3-inches by 1.5-inches in depth. 4-view reference sheet and 1/2-inch cup hook included.
$ 20.00

Santa & Elf carving blanks
Premium grade basswood Santa & Elf carving blanks. Blanks measure approx. 7-inches by 3- inches by 1.5-inches in depth. $30.00 a dozen/ $15.00 half dozen. Rough-outs also avaliible.
$ 3.00 (each)

Mountain Man bust, (basswood). Rough out measures approx. 12.5"x5.5"x3". Finished carving price:$335.00
$ 40..00

To all a good night
Basswood rough out. Rough out measures 15-inches in high by 9-inches in width to include attached base and is 4-inches in depth. Coming soon a DVD on carving this rough out to feature over 90-minute
$ 60.00

Mountain Man Bust
Bust measures over 12-inches high, 7-inches wide, 4.5-inches deep.
$ 55.00

Pirate bust
basswood rough out measures 12-inches x 4-inches square.
$ 35.00

Indain Bust
Basswood Indain Bust. Carving measures 10-inches x 5-inches x 3.5-inches, Pictured carving is finished in washed acrylics, linseed oil, and satin lacquer
$ 40.00

Cowboy Bottle Stopper Kits
Kit pictured right, includes cowboy hat rough out, blank for carving the face & neckerchief, premium grade cork, 2- 3/8-inch dowels, and 4-view colored go-by-sheet.
$ 20.00

Indian Buffalo Bottle stopper
4-inches x 2.5inches dia. Includes premium grade cork and 4-view colored go-by-sheet.
$ 20.00

Cowboy Bust
Rough out measures approx. 12-inches x 5-inches round..
$ 40.00

Large Indian Bust
Indian bust with full headdress. Basswood rough out measure 14-inches x 8-inches x 5-inches in depth
$ 65.00

Mountain Man Bust Bottle stopper
basswood rough out measures apprx. 4-inches x 1&1/2-inchs. Kit includes premiun grade cork, dowel, and 4-view colored go-by-sheet.
$ 20.00

Elf blank cut outs.
These blanks have been pre-cut to speed-up the rough out in the \"Carving Elf ornaments DVD. Pre-cut out blanks are $5.00 each or 6-blanks for $25.00
$ 5.00(each) or 6

Buffalo Hunter
Rough out measures 14x6x4. Feathers were added and 3-blanks with feather pattern are included with the rough out.
$ 50.00

French Trapper (Bust)
Basswood rough out measures 13x6x4.5-inches. Hat feathers were added to carving. Hat feather blank and pattern is included with the purchase of this rough out.
$ 50.00

French Trapper (Mask)
Rough out measures 12x7x4-inches and is a full relief style carving in Basswooid
$ $45.00
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