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*Favorite websites

www.WoodcarvingIllustrated.com A great site to chat, anything, and everything, about wood carving, plus galleries of carvings from members. Membership is free!

www.Carvingmagazine.com Check out these magazines for step x step carving instruction, patterns, and inspirational pictures and stories on wood carving.

www.Creedwoodcarvers.com This is the place to visit every July to take in a wood carving class and get away from it all!

www.awcltd.org View some of the best carvings from across the country here.

wwwHarleyandMidgewoodcarving.com It's amazing what these two can carve in wood only inches thick.

www.JonNelsonwoodcarving.com Jon's carvings inspired me to try wood carving. His carcaitures are by far some of the best there is.

www.Dramaticbronzes.com Awesome bronze sculptures!...and some cool T-shirts!

*Favorite wood carving suppliers

wwwMountainwoodcarvers.com Some great people here, and everything you need for carving can be found here to.

www.theWoodcraftshop.com If you looking for a hard to find carving book, chances are you'll find it at the Woodcraft Shop.

www.heineckewood.com The best basswood to be found....Period

www.carvingsolutions.com Architectural furniture carving is thier speciality

www.woodcarverswarehouse.com Excellent sales are availible at this site.
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