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Classes offered for 2008 & 2009
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2016 Class Schedule
Treeline Provo Utah April 20th-22nd Cowboy bust from rough out. Carving in the Rockies June 13th Cowboy bottle stoppers Creede Woodcarvers Rendezvous July 9th-12th Mountain Man two day class Indian two day class

Indian/Mtn.Man Masks ( Basswood rough outs)
(approx. 19 to 24 hours, three day class)
Skill level: Beginner to Intermediate
Choose one of three masks, Indian with head band ( Broken treaty ), Mtn. Man ("Pemmican tonight"), or Spotted Eagle (Sioux Warrior). Carving from a rough out facial detail will be covered in full and laying out and separating the masses of the carving to the final stages of thinning the back of the piece out for piercing through the iris for effect, to finihing in washed acrylics.

1 person: two day class:$345.00
4 or more:three day class:$195.00,plus $30.00 for the rough-out.
Rough out:$30.00

Tools: Large gouges with sweeps, #3, #5, #7, #9, #11, ranging in mm from 6 to 30, palm gouges, medium size V- tool, detail knife. Also some micro gouges and a carving vise will need to be used to carve this piece, ( I have 8 vises that I can bring for student use, for classes).

Santa Ornaments in Goose Egg Turnings
(7 to 10 hours)
These guys are a blast to carve and make great gifts all year around.
Carve a Santa face. All the facial details will be covered, with everything from sweeping beard, and hair, to the hat, and tassel, or if you like, leave him bald on top for a completely different look. Painting with acrylic washes and antiquing will be covered so bring your brushes, finishing materials supplied.*Good beginners class!

1 person $140.00
4 or more..$125.00 each plus the egg turning.
Extra eggs $3.00

Mountain Man Bust With Powder Horn
(approx.18 to 24 hours.. a three day class)
Skill level: Beginner to intermediate
Bust measures approx. 5.5"x3.5"x12" and is in Basswood. Carving from a rough-out.. By carving from a rough out, the style will remain consistent while allowing the student to show an individual personal touch which allows endless possibilities. You will need a carving vise affixed to a table and large gouges for this one, call or email me for a list. Carving can be finished in acrylic washes, linseed oil, satin lacquer, and wax, bring brushes. 1 person $345.00 (two day class 16 hours)
6 or more $195.00 each plus $35.00 for the rough-out, 14 max. depending upon space.(Three day class)
Rough out $35.00

Tools: Same as for the "Indian/Mtn Man Mask rough outs.

Woodspirit in Cottonwood Bark (As Published in W.C.I. Spring Issue #46
Skill level: Beginner to intermediate
Carve in found wood, or, cottonwood bark! Carving in bark is great for beginners, and the more advanced carvers, it's very soft and easy to work with a little patience and when the correct techniques are applied. Covered in this class will be what to, and not to look for in a piece of bark. Laying out the woodspirit to the intricate facial detailing to sweeping hair, and beard, all will be coverd in this class. Finishing with acrylic's or natural it's your choice!

one pearson $185.00
4 or more $135.00 each carver plus bark.
Bark supplied with class. Extra bark $8.00 to $25.00 depending upon size.

Aspen Woodspirit Walking Sticks
(Approx. 8 to 10 hours)
Skill level: Beginner to intermediate
My first carving was a woodspirit walking stick, and are still one of my favorite to carve to this day. Roughing out the stick, to positioning the face on the stick, flowing hair, and beards, to carving on a smaller scale, the eyes and nose. Up close and personal assistence. I'm dedicated, to help each student, if needed, to get the best carving they poosible can.

one person:$185.00
4 or more $115.00 (each)
Aspen walking stick supplied with class. Extra sticks $10.00 (each)

Carving Santa and Elf Ornaments (As seen in W.C.I Holiday Issue # 41)
(Approx. 8 to 10 hours)
Skill level: beginner to intermediate
Taking a block of basswood that measures 7"x 2.5"x1.5-inches, spliting it diagonaly the length of the block, cut at a 45 degree angle, and ending up with two pieces. A DVD is avalible for purchase on carving the "Santa Ornament", coming soon a DVD on carving a "Elf Ornament". A rough-out of this carving, or blanks, are also availible for purchase for either the Santa, or, the Elf ornament. In this carving insrtuction two styles of carving are demonstrated, the face is carved in the traditional full relief style, and the beard is carved in a pierced relief fashion. This adds dimension and texture to this carving. The back of this carving is hollowed out to lighten the carving for display, and to allow for pierce through cuts at the tassle of the hat, and beard area. Finishing will be discussed with hand out sheets for each carver.
One person:$165.00
4 or more:$115.00 plus the blank or rough-out
Rough-out includes, disply stand, (while supplys last),1/4-inch cup hook, and colored 4-view, go by sheet,($20.00)

Santa and Elf blanks are $3.00 each.

Carve a Civil War Soldier Bust.
Carving Title: Blue & Gray
Two day class

Skill level: beginner to intermediate

Class Description: Carve a civil war soldier bust from a basswood rough out. Soldier bust measures 10-inches x 4.5-inches x 3 -inches in depth. Finished applied will determine a Union or Confederate soldier, or leave the caving natural for a neutral disply. Facial anatomy and detailing your carving in a class setting, and one on one with the instructor will be conducted. Carving from a rough out the style remain consistant, but also allows the carver to show an individual personal touch. This can yield many possibilities in the final presentation of the carved piece.

Cost of class: 8-minium 12 maxium carvers $175.00 per carver plus $25.00 for the rough out.

*Tools & Materials: Carvers must supply thier own tools. Have tools you are using sharp and ready to carve. Tools listed are *PFIEL swiss made gouges. Tools of equivelent profiles can also be substituted. Please note tool profiles vary from different manufacturers.

Tool List
#3/12 mm gouge.
#5/12 mm gouge.
#7 gouges with sweeps ranging from 6 mm through 20 mm in size.
#9 gouges with sweeps ranging from 6 mm through 15 mm in size.
#11 gouges with sweeps ranging from 10 mm through 15 mm in size.

A couple of medium size V - Tools and a couple of knives (1) bench and a detail knife with blade lengths 1 to 1.5-inches.

Micro gouges with a #9 tool profiles, ranging in size from 1.5 mm through 5 mm. There is a brand name3d *Dockyard" "Gouge Set" that is excellent.

Cowboy bottle stopper
(approx. 8 to 10 hours to complete. a one day class)
Skill level: Beginner to Intermediate
Cowboy bottle stopper kit is included in the class cost. Additional kits are $20.00 each. Bottle stopper kit comes with 4-view colored go by sheet,small glass bottle for diplying, premium grade cork and dowel, basswood cowboy bust rough out measuring approx. 4-inches by 3.5-inches in dia.. Carving from a rough out facial detail will be covered in full and laying out and separating the masses to adding the intricate facial detailing. Applying a finish will be discussed with hand out sheets for each carver to keep.

<1> person: one day class:$225.00
4 or more: 10-hour class:$105.00 includes cowboy bottle stopper kit..
Extra rough out:$20.00

Tools: Call for tool list.

All the above classes are available at my home studio. Classes can also be instructed at other venues (call for scheduling and details).

As always try to arrive at classes 15 minutes early with tools sharpened and ready to carve. Itís only fair and considerate to your fellow carvers that we get started on time.
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