Persistence yield's favorible results

Drawing and pencil coloring Marvel comics and Disney characters back in grade school were some of my first encounters with any kind of art form. My interest in wood carving came about after a major carreer change and move from Ohio to Colorado in May of 98. I was inspired to try my hand at wood carving while watching a fellow carver by the name of Jon Nelson carve spirit faces at an art show in Denver. My wife Sandy saw my enthusiasm for carving and bought me my first set of carving tools latter that fall for my birthday. My first attempts at wood carving were frustrating and after weeks and numerous tries to carve a face in a piece of aspen, a large pile of designer firewood had slowly accumulated on the trailor floor. The tools were reluctantly set aside and would not be picked back up until several months latter.

Carving realistic western faces, and mythical, are my favored subject choices. My carvings are all hand carved, one of a kind, originals. Sometimes power tools may be used in the initial blocking out stages for ease of moving large pieces of wood off. Rough outs are availible for sale, finished and unfinished, new designs are added periodicity to the, "Rough outs" page. The skills that I have acquired through my carving experience's, I would only hope to be fortunate enough, to to evolve, and build upon in the coming years. Practice, and trail and error has yeild some of my best results up to this point so far. I've found that for me, carving on impulse, if time allows, yields my most satisfying results.
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