Welcome to Gargac's Originals Woodcarvings!
Pictured, is one of my most recent carvings. I haven't carved in bristlecone pine in quite some time. This piece was a challenge, which also made it a lot of fun. At the right side of the face the grain ran very wild, and pieces where splintering off while trying to carve in detail. Eventuality a portion of wood had to be removed from this side of the carving and the back sawed. The carving hangs on the wall as pictured, a 3/4 profile shot. The carving measures 22"x 6" and is 3.5-inches in depth. A small butane micro torch was used for wood burning at the buffalo robe, horn, and other ares of the carving to help create some texture and depth. The hair tie is a red hue color, washed acrylic, with charcoal black acrylic dry brushing. The face and neck is natural wood bristlcone coloring with some cadmium red dry brushed at the high spots A coat of linseed oil and spray lacquer for a sealer,(*Deft) for all carved areas. A final light coat of matte spray was then applied to rid of any shinnies. Hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for stopping by.
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